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Pursuant to RSA 7:32-e, Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), is pleased to post its Community Benefits Report for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2015. We welcome public review and commentary. Your thoughts and questions may be directed to Further information concerning the details and background of this statue is available through the State of New Hampshire, Office of the Attorney General, Charitable Trusts Unit. Crotched Mountain's community benefits plan is based, in part, upon a collaborative needs assessment which was conducted by a committee representing several healthcare charitable trusts throughout the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. A summary of the collaborative needs assessment is posted on the Monadnock Community Hospital web site. Additionally, we conducted a series of disability-related needs assessments associated with CMRC's key operations (as listed below). 


Our Communities

As a specialty hospital and rehabilitation center for children and adults with disabilities, we recognize two distinct communities of need and service.


As a specialty hospital and rehabilitation center for children and adults with disabilities, we recognize two distinct communities of need and service. First, CMRC serves the community of people with disabilities and their families throughout New Hampshire and other states through two key operations, the Crotched Mountain School and the Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital. Crotched Mountain School, a residential and day school, serves students with disabilities from New England and the northeastern states. Children enrolled in the School have significant health impairments due to genetic and neurological conditions and trauma experienced in their lifetimes. The largest single diagnosis is autism. Some students have medical conditions that require skilled nursing level of care so they reside in a pediatric unit of the Specialty Hospital. The skills of our staff and resources of the School allow them to have access to an educational program that is rich in content and that otherwise could not occur. The Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital serves children and adults with brain injuries, strokes, complex medical conditions, respiratory needs including vent management and weaning, spinal cord injuries and other neurological impairments and injuries. Our patients are from New Hampshire and other states including Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and New York. 


The second major service population resides in the local Monadnock community. We operate selected outpatient clinics that focus on people with disabilities. The services of the clinic inlcude audiology, developmental pediatrics and pediatric physical therapy. We also serve the Monadnock community through outdoor recreation programs that focus on health and well being that are inclusive of everyone.


Benefits Provided   

The "Actual Benefit Value" of the activities outlined in our Community Benefits Report 7/01/15-6/30/16, totals $3,507,298. The "Estimated Benefit Value" of the 10 consolidated activities outlined in our Community Benefits Plan 7/01/16 - 6/30/17, totals $2,871,293. Our plan continues to address a number of identified needs relative to our communities, including access to specialty rehabilitation services in an inpatient setting, specialty medical services (such as physical and occupational therapy, speech/hearing, and assistive technology); professional and community education; and internships that provide exposure to clinical and educational occupations. Crotched Mountain Foundation also makes small grants to community organizations for underwriting and sponsorship. Through a related corporation of Crotched Mountain, the Harry Gregg Foundation, we make over $150,000 in small grants to low income individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions to support their needs and aspirations.


In the Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital we provide multiple benefits for the community. Over 75% of our patients rely on Medicaid which only covers a fraction of the cost of their care and rehabilitation. Crotched Mountain accepts patients who have yet to establish their Medicaid eligibility which moves them more quickly to a rehabilitation program, saves the State of New Hampshire and the health care system millions of dollars in health care expenses at tertiary hospitals and frees up beds in those facilities so that more acute patients can be served. The Hospital continues to serve a population with neuro-rehabilitation needs as well as ventilator management for medically stable adult patients and patients requiring vent weaning. Over 60% of our patients have neuro-psychological diagnoses or co-morbidities or require 1:1 staffing for behavioral management support. 


Moving outside the Hospital, Crotched Mountain provides benefits to the wider community by providing access to recreation for everyone, including people with mobility and other disabilities. Our accessible trails, which attract visitors from across the country, provide the opportunity for everyone to experience the outdoors in ways not usually possible for people with mobility impairments. In addition to quality of life, this promotes health and well being. The Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports (CMARS) program has staff and more than 60 volunteers who support skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, shooting and other sports for hundreds of people who otherwise would be denied these opportunities. 


While this Community Benefits legislation requires this type of community benefits accounting, we feel it is important to recognize that CMRC has provided benefits to the disability community in New Hampshire and other states through budgeted subsidies from the Crotched Mountain Foundation (CMF) for fifty years. Millions of dollars provided by CMF to CMRC have improved services, provided additional services, and increased the number of people served. Crotched Mountain is committed to ensuring that needed services are provided to people with disabilities whether or not a source of reimbursement exists.


Through affiliated corporations, Crotched Mountain also serves New Hampshire communities in Portsmouth, Derry, Manchester, and Whitefield by providing housing, care management and direct services for people with disabilities, the elderly and low-income populations. These programs also receive planned operating subsidies from CMF.



We look forward to receiving public commentary on our community benefits plan and welcome the opportunity to engage in new collaborations with other local and disability-related organizations. We continually explore ways in which Crotched Mountain will expand its community education and outreach programs in order to extend the resources of CMRC from "the mountain" into communities throughout the state and beyond.


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