John SabolovskiJohn Sabolevski

John Sabolevski is the new director of student services. Prior to joining Crotched Mountain School, John was the special education director for SAU 18. Previous to that, he was the school administrator for the Center of Optimum Learning, Inc. In his career John worked with infants, children from 3 to 21 and adults with varying challenges. John has been a case manager, program director, regional director, state director (mentor), division director for behavioral services and school administrator/owner. John earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of California, Chico and a master in education and counseling from Antioch University New England Graduate School. He is an experienced educator certified as a special education administrator in NH and MA. John has successfully provided leadership for autism schools in NH and Alaska. At his most recent position as SAU special education director, he co-wrote the Safe Schools AWARE grant bringing $2 million into the school system.

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