Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Augmentative Communication 2016


Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions can help people with limited or no speech to break through communication barriers and express themselves. Our highly experienced speech-language pathologists (SLPs) identify and develop AAC strategies to promote functional communication including sign, gestures, pictures, symbols, text and speech-generating devices. Our professionals are up to date in the latest AAC technologies, apps and software – from an iPad with Proloquo2Go to high-tech eye gaze technology – and everything in-between. 


Services and Specialties

Working closely with families, school teams, care providers and health professionals, we help to determine the most appropriate communication system for an individual based on their needs and abilities as well as the contexts in which they communicate.


In addition to providing evaluation, trial, training and follow-up support, our SLPs are experts in:


  • Matching the features of AAC solutions, such as picture symbols, manual sign or a speech-generating device, with an individual’s physical, sensory, cognitive and environmental needs
  • Identifying the language representation system that best meets the needs of individuals and their team
  • Selecting access and mounting solutions, including switches, joystick, eye gaze and scanning for those with motoric impairments
  • Programming and customizing devices to meet the communication and functional needs of the individual
  • Training educators, families and medical professionals to utilize AAC to promote the individual’s participation in everyday life, from managing daily tasks to making critical life decisions
  • Coordinating the use of AAC solutions at home, school, work and play, including consultation to IEP teams and classroom educators


Reap the Benefits of AAC

Getting set up with an appropriate AAC solution can open up a whole new world of learning and communicating at home, school, work and play. The right AAC solution can:


  • Assist in cognitive, language and social development
  • Increase vocational opportunities
  • Enable effective communication with healthcare providers
  • Increase ability to develop interpersonal relationships
  • Promote positive self-esteem and quality of life
  • Reduce the frequency of inappropriate behaviors resulting from the inability to be understood
  • Provide students with access to the academic curriculum and ability to demonstrate knowledge


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