Thank you Harry Gregg Foundation!

“The computer has helped my daughter pursue her interests. Thanks for making it possible for people in our position to have things and do things that are beyond our means.”
Mother of a 17-year old girl with a life-threatening chronic health condition 

“Your assistance to Joan and our family will help us meet Joan’s needs and continue to maintain her health, happiness and well-being. To know we had someone to turn to, to ask for this help, leaves us grateful beyond words.”
Mother of a child with a severe metabolic disorder 

“I was starting to think I would have to stop Greg’s treatments due to money constraints. The award allows him to continue the treatments that are finally helping him learn.”
Mother of an 18-year old young man with severe learning disabilities 

“Thank you so much for getting me the money to go to camp. I can’t even explain how much it means to me! Last year I met lots of great friends. Thanks to you I get to go again and see them again this summer! You made my summer absolutely PERFECT! Thank you so much!”
12-year old girl with Type 1 diabetes 



If you have questions or need help completing an application, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Robin Boyd, Grants Administrator
Harry Gregg Foundation
One Verney Drive, Greenfield, NH 03047
603.547.3311, ext. 1490
Fax: 603.547.6212

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