Adaptive Dance Program



The Adaptive Dance Program at Crotched Mountain offers weekly classes in alternative movement to students of Crotched Mountain School, as well as children and adult clients of our Specialty Hospital. Class sizes range between 15-20 students and their direct care staff. Students learn to express themselves through natural movement, developing their own voices through dance. Professional instruction provides increased self-awareness and self-esteem to all who participate in the program. Workshops by special visiting artists bring inspiration and enthusiasm. All this, plus opportunities to choreograph their own pieces and perform for audiences help us achieve our overarching goal – through adaptive dance – to change the way the world sees people with disabilities and the way people with disabilities see themselves.


Active Ingredients, the CM Adaptive Dance Troupe, is currently led by Lisa Moran. Lisa is trained in classical ballet and studied Dance/Movement Therapy at Antioch N.E. and with Geraldine Borrelli Shea in Burlington, VT. She was one of the founding teachers for the adaptive dance program at Crotched Mountain in 2003. 


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