Redwood’s Great Adventure

Redwood adventure 

Or, how eight kids with disabilities, two parents, eight staff and countless others made the trip of a lifetime possible!

During the cold, dark days of February, staff and residents of Redwood Manor, a group residence for eight young men at Crotched Mountain, were hatching a big plan - a plan to do something none of them had ever done before. “Several Redwood students are moving on to adult programs in the next year, and we wanted to do something fantastic and amazing to celebrate their graduation,” said Tanya Grant, lead counselor at Redwood Manor.

So what do you think they came up with? If you guessed ROAD TRIP, then you’re on the right track - complete with RVs, tents and an exciting destination.


“All the guys like roller coasters,” said Tanya. “We’ve taken day trips to both of the amusements parks in the region. And we’ve done overnight camping trips, which naturally led us to consider the roller coaster capital of the universe.” This would be Cedar Point, Ohio, the biggest amusement park in the US, which boasts 17 roller coasters among its 75 rides. It was a good thing the group started its planning in February because there was much to do - particularly in the area of fundraising.

“We ran a bike raffle, a bake sale and sold candy bars, but none of that came close to matching the tremendous support we received from parents,” recalled Tanya. After all was said and done, the group raised $10,000. Combined with significant discounts from the RV supplier, camp grounds and Cedar Point, they were on their way.

The first stop was Niagara Falls, where the staff and residents marveled at the magnificent beauty of the falls. “I think some of the guys were a little wary at first. The roar of the falls is incredible. I don’t think any of us were completely prepared for the awesome power of the experience.” The trip had its challenges, including rain storms, minor medical issues, RV maintenance learning curves and getting lost, but they worked through them all with humor, enormous energy, enthusiasm and positive attitudes. 


“We could never have done this without the amazing staff and parents who made all of this work,” marveled Tanya, who credits the staff of eight, which included a nurse, for working tirelessly all week long.“Every one of them volunteered for the challenge.They left their homes and families for a week to create an unforgettable experience for eight young men whose disabilities have kept many of them from embarking on such an adventure.”

Cedar Point itself turned out to be all they hoped. Everyone had the opportunity to ignore all physical obstacles and live life to the fullest. “The joy the kids expressed with their delighted smiles needed no words and served to invigorate the hard-working staff,” said Tanya. Topped off with nightly campfires, marshmallow roasts, a visit to a safari animal park, and the thrill of the open road, Redwood’s great adventure did indeed turn out to be the trip of a lifetime.


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